Training and Work Program




Please note This invoice payment is nonrefundable in any case unless was approved by YES AYS LLC. Company to refund you as of cancellation of job offer, the payment of application fees must be paid before interview with our recruiters, to permit your application for Visa and airline booking your total fees should be paid in full as agreed. By paying this fees you agreed to our trams and conditions as we are recruitment company and our only responsibility to help you find the job and arrange your interviews with any other necessary requirements to get your application for work ready till you get your offer letter (Contract) from the recruiter, but we are not under any case responsible for your work conditions, salary, accommodations, insurance or any other befits related to your work, as all this should be with agreement between candidates (You) and the recruiter (Hotel/Company), also if recruiter under any reason decide to terminate your contract or you as employee decide to leave the job it’s not in any case under our responsibilities. We are as recruitment company are limited when it comes to handle any situation between the employee and recruiter however we will be always glad to receive your concerns comments or complaints and pass it to the HR trying to help and find solution but nothing is for granted from our side, as it’s all about your contract with the hotel or company you are working with, however we will be always there to give advises and show directions based on our experience, in order to help you take the best possible decisions. THANK YOU.