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CV Guidelines for Recruitment in the Middle East

  1. CV must include personal information such as your name and surname, nationality, birthdate (dd/mm/yyyy format), city and country, marital status, height and weight.
  2. CV should contain a brief, but clear objective statement. (examples from email)
  3. Your employment history should include the company you worked for, their web site, dates of employment (month & year), your position, and a brief outline of your responsibilities or achievements on the job. Experience should be presented in chronological order.
  4. For successful recruitment, many Middle Eastern employers require a minimum of 2 years full-time relevant experience, or more for a management position.
  5. Your educational background should be presented in chronological order, with dates of attendance, institution name, and degree obtained.
  6. Skills and achievements is a section for you to list any awards and certificates received, as well as technology and language skills. To be employed in the Middle East, you will be required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Other languages will be considered a plus.
  7. There should also be a section for both your interests/hobbies and 2-3 references.

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