YA Hospitality Training and Work Program

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Looking to start or to move on with your career in the hospitality industry? Now you can start with YA Hospitality New York training Program that has been designed for graduates with the great potential to become a part of a team in one of our partner hotels or any other hotel worldwide, A hotel customer service training program designed for the hotel and hospitality industry to maintain and enhance customer service standards. Specifically designed for the hotel and hospitality industry.

For Rooms, Food and Beverages and Guest Services staff

Hospitality Introduction | Hotels and Restaurants Organizational Structure | Quality Service Defined | The Customer’s Perspective | Today’s guest expectations | Etiquettes of finding a job (Step by step CV-Interviews).

Food and Beverages Sessions:

These sessions are ideal for line staff who work in the front or heart of the house. Knowing how to handle food, drinks, and related operations properly extend beyond the restaurant. Servers will gain a better understanding of how to effectively handle plates of food and glasses of drinks, meet and assist guest and handle reservations and events.

  • Food and Beverage department organizational structure
  • Food and Beverage and services introduction in Restaurant | Hotels
  • How to Handle Table Reservations Request in Restaurant | Hotels
  • Handling Table Reservation Problems in Restaurants
  • Greeting Seating & Presenting Menu in Restaurant
  • How to Take Food Order in Restaurants
  • Tips for Suggesting and Selling Wine in Restaurants
  • Order Taking and Serving Desserts & After Dinner Drinks
  • Different Types of Alcoholic Beverages
  • Handling Guest Complaints and Problems in a Restaurant
  • Table service Tips for Restaurants
  • Serving Tea & Coffee to Guests - Service Standards

Front Office Sessions:

These high-energy programs, designed for all levels of front office and rooms division staff, focus on the development of guest-driven technical and service strategies.

  • Front office overview and FO organizational structure
  • Front Office intro PMS (Opera)
  • Check in and check out procedures
  • How to Be a Professional Guest Service Agent
  • Performing to Standards
  • Effective Telephone Etiquette
  • Consistency and Professionalism
  • Reservation Sales Training
  • Everyone Is a Salesperson
  • Appropriate Guest Communication
  • Dealing with Difficult Guest Situations
  • How to Be a Professional Bell person

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Training Duration is?
    • One Day 6 hours a day | Two Days 6 hours a day | One week 5 days 6 hours a day.
  2. Date for start the training?
    • SS 14 - 15  July.2018 |  SS 2 - 3 February 2019 |  SS 6 - 7  July 2019
  3. Training timing and days?
    • Will be decided for each group based on availability for each group members (Late evening or early morning to work around most of the training group attendees)
  4. Training locations?
    • One of our hotels in Tbilisi - Baku - Yerevan.
  1. Is there is dress code to attend the training?
    • YES Everyone joining the training will be required to have similar dress code as of: Black Pants/Skirts - Black Jacket or Vest – Black Shoes – Black Tie - White Shirt. | White Gloves will be provided by us to all trainees attending.

Training packages and fees:

  • YA START, become a Hospitality certified professional 450 USD + Tax (Groups from 10 to 50) Open application 100 USD + Tax.
  • YA START&WORK, Training plus recruitment program 500 USD +Tax (Groups from 10 to 50)Open application 100 USD + Tax.
  • YA START Journey, Training plus recruitment program exclusively for Hospitality Graduates or Students 250 USD + Tax (Groups from 10 to 50) Open application 100 USD + Tax.
  • YA Solo-One to One training 800 USD + Tax (ONE PERSON) Open application is included. 


>You want work with us?

  • You may get the training for FREE, Please ask our agent for requirement to arrange your interview.

Good Level of English is required.

How to apply:

  • Go to this link for online application https://yesays.com/apply/
  • Send us email to Training@YAHospitality.com with your CV and Certificates.
  • Will send you links for online payment or invoice our company bank account in Georgia.
  • You don't have CV to send, no worries! This is what we will help you to do in your training now just send YOUR NAME and PHONE NUMBER to  Training@YESAYS.com


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After the training you get training accomplished certificate approved by YES AYS Hospitality LLC. New York, as well our recruitment department will start your application to find you the right opportunity in one of the hotels we cooperate with in Dubai, Doha, Kuwait and Oman, moreover you may have chance to work in one of the hotels in Tbilisi or join our YA Hospitality team in Georgia to start your journey as well doors are open to join our team in New York If applicable with work permit and requirement of work in the United States of America.

Any questions please email us at: