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This course reviews the historical development of tourism, analyses its components and examines the structure of the tourism industry. It is designed to provide students with an appreciation of the complexities of tourism, organisations within the industry, and relevant disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to their study.

The course covers important material such as:

  • the history, definition and nature of the phenomenon of tourism
  • tourist patterns and flows on a regional, national and global level
  • the structure and roles of various components of the tourism industry, such as transport, accommodation and attractions, the tourism distribution system and its component parts, and the role of government bodies in tourism
  • the categorisation and nature of the tourism product
  • understanding and analysing destinations
  • segmentation, tourist demand and travel decision making
  • the economics of tourism including positive and negative impacts
  • environmental and socio-cultural impacts
  • sustainability and eco-tourism, and the future direction of tourism.

By providing an organised discussion based on exploring the demand, distribution, delivery and development of tourism within a regional, national and international context, this course provides a grounding for further studies in tourism and hospitality.

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