Q: How do I enroll for YES AYS Education courses?
A: All what you have to do is send for us your CV or contact details to email: yes@yesays.com.
Q: Do I need to complete precourse work?
A: We do not have any precourse work scheduled for any courses.
Q: Can I speak with the instructor before the course?
A: Yes, please contact your account representative to arrange a time to speak with the instructor, also one of reasons we ask you to come for pre interview to give you the chance to ask about anything you need to know before starting the training.
Q: What time do the courses begin and end?
A: Courses at YES AYS training facilities are held from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Timing for training at your own site may differ according to your scheduling needs also we are offering flexibility in timing with students or even if you are already working, giving the chance for people with different schedule plans to attend our program.
Q: Will I will get Certificate after the program ?
A: After successfully accomplishing the 2-month training program you will receive certificate from YES AYS LLC, New York, United States of America Hospitality training approved.
Q: I lost my Certificate. How can I get another?
A: If you have lost your certificate, all you need to do is log back into YESAYS.com profile and download another copy. If you do not remember your login details or encounter any problems, please contact us (please refer to our ‘Contact Us’ page located above).
Q: Which course is required to be undertaken to achieve the required level of training to be able to serve guests and more chance with recruitment ?
A: Computer and Language courses English as well as other languages.

Q: What do I wear when I’m in the training?
A: Black trouser, White shirt, Black Tie.
Q: Where exactly are your training courses held?
A: We are offering our training in hotels that give us meeting rooms facilities and chance for our trainees for practice, you will know from our team where your training will be in the first day pre interview.
Q: What do I have to bring with me?
A: We supply everything you will need during training. All you need to bring is a pullover or something to put on if you feel cold. It might be wise to bring a packed lunch. There are some eating options nearby but they are few and far between and you only have an hour for lunch.
Q: Can I receive phone calls during the courses?
A: No, messages will be taken by the venue staff and passed on to you during the breaks. Mobile phones must be switched off while training is being conducted.
Q: How much the training program cost ?
A: Usually we are offering our training for reasonable prices to give the chance for a lot of people to attend, in some cases also we may offer you free training based on your level of experience and education, and this we will know in your pre interview then after we will contact you to let you know how much your training will cost.

Q: What if I’m not happy with a training course?

A: We will refund your full course fee. All that we require is the opportunity to ask you some questions that may help us to improve our courses. (P.S. we have had this offer for three years and nobody has tried to claim it yet!). View our 100% money back guarantee.
(Please Note) refunding your money will be done only if you are attending the training program in way that really interested in the training and you are not just looking to spend some time for training just for fun.

Q: What does ‘YES AYS’ stand for?

A: YES AYS IS “YES AT YOUR SERVICE” Yes is an attitude and an innate response derived from the culture and philosophy of YES AYS hospitality
Our main is to make you ready to say always YES I’m AT YOUR SERVICE to all your guests..


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​WoW Butler Academy Is a unique and exclusive Butlers & Hotels management school. We are proud to be the finest and first Private Service training institute in the World To train hospitality personal service professionals in United States of America we introduced the unique WoW Butler Academy leading the English Butler service for the first time in the Hospitality history, to develop and train people to reach the highest levels of personalize guest’s services and deliver superior performance in Georgia​ We are equally proud that some of the world's wealthiest families and businesses, as well as five-star hotels and resorts, turn to us for staff training and recruitment.

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