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The primary duty of a butler is to oversee the household staff, many times at more than one residence.

This requires knowledge of high social etiquette and protocol in order to receive guests and supervises the reception of visitors.

The modern butler may double as house manager, personal assistant, valet, chef, bodyguard, and a number of other positions in a household.

Other responsibilities include things like organizing duties and schedules of domestic staff, scheduling and overseeing household maintenance, organizing parties and events, performing light housekeeping duties and booking hotels, restaurants theaters.

The butler could also be taking care of the household accounting and creating household budgets, maintaining the wardrobe and clothing inventory for the gentleman, packing and preparing for the gentleman for travel, assisting with maintaining household security, staff hiring and firing and staff training.

The butler is knowledgeable about wines and spirits and oversees the wine cellar and liquor inventory.

Thus, the modern butler needs strong communication, organizational and management skills, and ability to multi-task.!


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