6000 USD and 4750 USD a Month Butler job

6000 USD job   YES AYS Hospitality starting 2019 with exclusive job opportunities for selected and talented hospitality personal. Female Butler (Personal Assist): SALARY 6000 USD a Month + Amazing benefits Don’t know what is […]

Why to start Hospitality Career

Think of the most enjoyable experience you’ve ever had when staying at a hotel or eating at a restaurant. What made that specific time the best? Was it the great customer service, or the friendly […]

YA Hospitality Management Training

We announce a new Hospitality Management Training will start in November 2018, YES AYS is looking for tomorrow’s hospitality leaders today. You have a chance to start a unique hospitality training that you need to […]

Juggling Work & Learning

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela After completing a long shift at work, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to tackle your YES AYS courses. However, it is important to […]

MK Butler at the Tennessean Hotel

For the first time, Knoxville welcomes personal luxury. THE TENNESSEAN Hotel opens April 2017 with 82 guest rooms including 13 suites and one expansive Governor’s Suite. Knoxville’s only personal luxury experience delivered with an authentic […]