Vaccines and Household Staff

Vaccines and Household Staff Your Questions Answered YES AYS 1

  Vaccines and Household Staff | Your Questions Answered As Covid-19 vaccines across America become more and more accessible, many of our clients and candidates find themselves with an array of questions. Can an employer […]

Stewardess / Butler Job

We’re #hiring | Stewardess/Butler for a private Yacht ~ Will provide work visa for the right candidate. The family have houses in Michigan, Bahamas & Palm Beach FL. This is what the family told me […]

6000 USD and 4750 USD a Month Butler job

6000 USD job   YES AYS Hospitality starting 2019 with exclusive job opportunities for selected and talented hospitality personal. Female Butler (Personal Assist): SALARY 6000 USD a Month + Amazing benefits Don’t know what is […]

Why to start Hospitality Career

Think of the most enjoyable experience you’ve ever had when staying at a hotel or eating at a restaurant. What made that specific time the best? Was it the great customer service, or the friendly […]

YA Hospitality Management Training

We announce a new Hospitality Management Training will start in November 2018, YES AYS is looking for tomorrow’s hospitality leaders today. You have a chance to start a unique hospitality training that you need to […]

Juggling Work & Learning

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela After completing a long shift at work, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to tackle your YES AYS courses. However, it is important to […]