YES AYS Georgian Butlers and Hospitality Management Training

We introduce the unique Georgian Butler Academy – first and leading English butler service in Georgian hospitality history. We raise talents and transform them into professionals of hospitality. We take amazing history and traditions of Georgian hospitality and then we carefully add modern touch to it. At YES AYS we constantly train people to reach the highest level of personalized guest services and deliver superior quality. We are proud that many big companies and individuals are trusting us both in Georgia and other parts of the world. We are working closely with five-star hotels and resorts to help the recruit and train staff.

Hospitality Management Training In Georgia for the World

Getting a Hospitality Management Degree can Unlock Diverse Career Opportunities.

Our Training program is offered worldwide, not only for Georgian talents. If you want work in hospitality if you like travel, this is your real chance to start in good career or grow where you are already now

YES AYS is looking for tomorrow’s hospitality leaders today.  We have built a reputation of excellence on exceeding expectations, and we remain focused on delivering the highest-quality experience in the industry.  The caliber of service, attention to detail, and consistent quality our guests expect begin and end with our employees.  The Corporate Management Training Program has been designed for graduates with the great potential to become a part of our top management team and to progress rapidly within our company.

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