Talk less more Sales

Most salespeople talk way too much. In today’s market, chatty salespeople are champing at the bit to swamp prospects with information. our research shows that the average salesperson talks over 81 percent of the time in a […]

Juggling Work & Learning

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela   After completing a long shift at work, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to tackle your YES AYS courses. However, it is important […]


YES AYS, IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF LONDON, UK OFFICE! The new office complements our existing global network, which serves the hospitality individuals as well as Corporate/Hotels/Restaurants/Private Families. Through our offices in, New […]


Do you struggle to stay motivated? Setting long-term goals is an excellent way to map a path to success, but even with the clearest goals in mind, you might still feel discouraged along the way, […]

Butler School

Butler School by the Great Butler  Clarence Mcleod   WoW Butler, is pleased to announce the new Butler School in Canada at the Azuridge Estate Hotel, The training by General Manager and Guilded Butler, the […]

Hi, I’m Kevin Spacey and I’m just here to report to you that my stay here in Doha has been absolutely remarkable, the hospitality, the service and I have to say particularly MK who has […]