Do you struggle to stay motivated?

Setting long-term goals is an excellent way to map a path to success, but even with the clearest goals in mind, you might still feel discouraged along the way, especially when the targets you have set for yourself are difficult to reach.
So how do you stop the ‘I can’t do this anymore’ feeling in its tracks?
Working Too Hard.
You could be working too hard. Yes, staying focused on the end goal is a key ingredient in success, however, when we dedicate all of our time to one outcome we can often feel uninspired or ‘burnt out’.

When this happens, it is easy to feel negative and give up before you achieve your goals. Instead of giving up, take some time to be a little kinder to yourself with a small break to refocus and then pick up where you left off.
Reward yourself halfway.
Your long-term goals could actually be too long term, with no end in sight. Try to avoid spacing your goals too far apart by setting smaller, short-term goals in the inbetween time and reward yourself when you reach them. Keep the bigger picture in mind, but think about some smaller goals that you could achieve along the way and how you will reward yourself once you get them. It’s easy to play the long game when you keep on winning.

Remind yourself and others.
One of the most important ways to find motivation on a daily basis is to remind yourself why you have set goals. Take time to think about your goals and list the reasons why you want to achieve them. The reasons may change or stay the same, but when you tell yourself and others about them, you are able to reassess just how important they are and how achieving them will benefit your life.

Surround yourself with positivity.
It may seem obvious, but surrounding yourself with positivity is undoubtedly the best way to achieve your goals. Although true motivation comes largely from within, positive people and experiences do make you feel good about your decisions and ultimately will help encourage you to stay motivated. Share your goals with close friends, colleagues and managers and find positive ways to overcome challenges which could slow you down.

Do you have a unique way of staying motivated?

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