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It was a great day we have 01.ge logo
This is a logo design for the travel agency 01.
My goal was to create a symbol, which should lead to the association with vacation, the sun, palm tree and of course, using the basic tools – 0 & 1

01.ge is a travel agency. Hotel reservations, tours, personal services, chauffeur hire and many other activities related to tourism, tourists, the vacation and holidays.


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    • Hello Mohammed,

      All the management team and me in Anantara Doha are sending to you and your team our appreciation for the great work you have done for our visit to Tbilisi, it was really great to have one of your team always with us all day long, you and your team truly exceeded our expectations since we arrive to Tbilisi airport, I have never had so many people participate in recruitment day like this day, what gives us the chance to find great talents from Georgia.

      It was a pleasure to work with YES AYS who worked to what we wanted and provided excellent results.

      Thank you ones again from all Anantara Doha team,

      Best Regards…


      Max Loaiza, Director of Food & Beverage Anantara Doha Island

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